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2017 Cross Town Classic

It's time for the 2017 Cross Town Classic!!! 

Each year, the top four teams from the Folsom American and Folsom National Little League Majors and AAA Divisions square off for a mini-tournament for a week of fun, friendly competition between Folsom's two leagues. FALL is excited to host the Majors Divison competition this year while FNLL will host the AAA tournament. 

The 2017 Cross Town Classic will run the week of April 24 with games Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Here is the schedule for the week:


Tuesday, April 25

Majors - 6:30pm - FALL Red Sox vs. FNLL Giants at McFarland Field #1

Majors - 6:30pm - FALL Athletics vs. FNLL Reds at Kuntz Field

AAA - 6:00pm - FNLL Reds vs. FALL Astros at Mann Park

AAA - 5:30pm - FNLL Cubs vs. FALL Orioles at Sheldon Park

Wednesday, April 26

Majors - 6:30pm - FALL Rangers vs. FNLL Padres at McFarland Field #1

Majors - 6:30pm - FALL Indians vs. FNLL Pirates at Kuntz Field

AAA - 5:30pm - FNLL Brewers vs. FALL Tigers at Sheldon Park

AAA - 6:00pm - FNLL Giants vs. FALL Red Sox at Mann Park

Thursday, April 27

Majors Championship Game - 6:30pm - Winners of Tuesday night games at McFarland Field#1

AAA Championship Game - 6:00pm - Winners of Tuesday night games at Mann Park

Put on your FALL practice jersey and your team hat and head out to the fields to cheer on the FALL teams!!! 

by: Folsom American Little League

2017 Home Run Club

Track and follow your favorite FALL sluggers in the 2017 Home Run Club!  Any AA and up ballplayer who hits a ball over the fence earns a spot in the club.  Be sure to check the 2017 Home Run Club page to see who's belting those balls out of the park this season! It's a great way to pick your favorites for the Home Run Derby during FanFest too!

by: Folsom American Little League

Opting in or out of Practice and Game Reminders

Did you know you can opt in or out of the automatic practice and game notifications sent to you via email and over text?  FALL uploads each team's full practice and game schedule to the website to provide a better picture of a team's overall schedule.  This sets up the automatic notification process.  You can personalize your notification settings through your FALL account.  Instructions on how do so are included under the Edit My Account section of the FALL website. 

by: Folsom American Little League